The good, bad, and ugly

No matter where we live, there will be things we like and things we dislike about our environment. Following is a list of my subjective thoughts on McLaughlin Square.

Likes Dislikes
  • Quiet, secure place to live.
  • Building is kept very clean - thanks to the staff.
  • Most of the residents are friendly and courteous.
  • Great view (my view of the lake and city lights is spectacular).
  • Parking garage is warm and most spots are fairly close to the entrance.
  • Bell Expressvu works great, with good channel selection (and included in condo fees!)
  • The Telnet Communications internet/phone offering is way cheaper than B*** and has been very solid in the year I have had it.
  • The hydro bills - over $300 month in winter!
  • Lack of visitor parking.
  • Downtown Oshawa is not so good (don't go out for a stroll after dark!)
  • The antiquated enter-phone system that doesn't work so well, and cuts off your internet connection if someone buzzes. This could be fixed by installing a filter on the system, but seems nobody is interested.
  • People that leave cardboard, empty meat packages (smelly!) and the likes in individual floor garbage room receptacles.