dcc56.com - A Virtual Meeting Place for Residents of McLaughlin Square in Downtown Oshawa

If you live at McLaughlin Square, you know there is very little available electronically about the condo. The management company posts any news, directives, and upcoming events by way of paper postings in the elevator lobbies. It would be convenient to be able to check the internet for an updates. It would also be convenient to submit "care and concern forms" electronically. Some information used to be available on an in-house television station, but it seems that is gone. Perhaps this small website can be used as an information sharing vehicle for residents.

Welcome to dcc56.com

Hello, and welcome. There is not much here. It is simply an experimental website as I learn the basics of setting up a website, email and all the rest of that stuff. This website is running on my home server in my residence at DCC56 in Oshawa. If you don't know what DCC56 is, it stands for Durham Condo Corporation 56. In reality it is McLaughlin Square in downtown Oshawa. I have lived here for 20 years or so, and as such I thought I would use this as a theme for my website. I am not affiliated with DCC # 56 property management or board of directors, so do not write to me about issues that should go to those parties.

Discussion Forum

I will be putting up a discussion forum for McLaughlin Square residents (management/board of directors also welcome) over the next few weeks. To do so, I will need to get a database running on the server, probably mysql. This will certainly be a learning experience. If you want to join the forum, check back in a few weeks, or email me and I'll let you know as soon as things are set up.

Pictures - please send community related photos.

Look for a gallery area soon. I'll post my pictures as well as any you send. Please send them as an email attachment to info@dcc56.com. In the meantime, here are a couple pictures of the courtyard.

This is what the courtyard looked about 10 years ago - before we knew those beautiful trees were looking for a way into the parking garage.

courtyard before

Summer of 2013 - construction well underway...

courtyard after